A Freelance Whales tour blog? Really?

Yes! Really! Well, preferably a tour journal, but blog is what all the kids are saying these days, right? As a writer, Jake (that’s me…I also play drums in the band) is thrilled to undertake the role of Tour Blogger.

Growing up I used to read tour journals (before the days of blogs)…most notably Guster’s (written by Brian, coincidentally the drummer). My initial thought is that it’d be fun to do this on the road between cities, and my secondary thought is that someday we can compile all of the entries into a book — that way I’ll seem like a real writer, the published kind, even though all I did was type out my silly thoughts and attach related pictures while we drove around the country a whole lot.

So, this is me breaking the seal. We kick off our very first tour  — with Fanfarlo — on November 9th at Schuba’s in Chicago. I’ll have me a wireless card so I’ll be web-logging (can we still call it tour journaling) up the wazoo to keep you fine people entertained. Is anyone even listening to me?

11/9 – Shubas Tavern in Chicago, IL

11/11 – Triple Rock Club in Minneapolis, MN

11/13 – Moe’s in Englewood, CO

11/14 – The State Room in Salt Late City, UT

11/16 – Knitting Factory in Boise, ID

11/17 – Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA

11/18 – Media Club in Vancouver, BC

11/19 – Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR

11/20 – Great Basin Brewing Company in Reno, NV

11/22 – Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco, CA

11/23 – The Echo in Los Angeles, CA

11/24 – The Casbah in San Diego, CA

11/27 – Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara, CA

11/29 – Club Congress in Tuscon, AZ

11/30 – Santa Fe Brewing Co. in Santa Fe, NM

12/2 – The Independent in Austin, TX

12/3 – The Loft in Dallas, TX

12/4 – Walter’s on Washington in Houston, TX

12/6 – The Bottletree in Birmingham, AL

12/9 – Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD

12/10 – Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, PA

12/11 – IOTA Cafe in Arlington, VA

12/12 – Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA

12/14 – Majetic Cafe in Detroit, MI

12/15 – El Mocambo Club in Toronto

12/16 – Il Motore in Montreal

12/17 – T.T. The Bears in Cambridge, MA

12/18 – Webster Hall in NYC


~ by freelancewhales on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Freelance Whales tour blog? Really?”

  1. i think tour journal is a much better term! have a great tour!

  2. Journal is better. Can’t wait to see you in VA.

  3. Jake….. having a journal or a blog is awesome (believe me!) and I’m so happy and excited and proud you guys are going on tour with Fanfarlo!

    i should be glad (and I AM) you guys are coming to Denver (well…. Englewood is not really Denver but it’s close enough) but I must point something… whoever is booking this tour has no idea whatsoever about venues. Seriously….. Freelance Whales and Fanfarlo shouldn’t be playing in/at such weird and random places around the country.

    Yours and Fanfarlo’s public should be respected.
    as well as all of you guys!

  4. Have a safe journey…may the Force be with you. See you in ‘Denver’ and Santa Fe…we’ll have a truck-load of friends with us in Santa Fe.

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