We Made Some Ill-Noise In…

Only Kevin and I had ever experienced the beautifully vast sprawl of Chicago prior to our arrival late Sunday night. When all was said and done, and the van was picked up from Hebron, Indiana (provided generously by The White Tie Affair), we had driven for 15 hours that day. We stayed with a friend of mine from college, an incredible drummer and overall musician named Corey Brekher who plays in the incredible experimental pop group Conductive Alliance, and spent the day on Monday beefing up our pillow and sneaker supplies before loading in at Schuba’s. Our massive van just barely fit into their parking lot, and we unloaded quickly and watched Fanfarlo do their first soundcheck.

After a lengthy soundcheck and some hangtime with Andrew, we took the stage to what was — we found out before the show — a capacity crowd at Schuba’s. Just three days earlier we’d played at Pianos in NYC, and to play the first show of our first tour in Chicago only a number of hours later was a truly surreal and rewarding experience. I can honestly say that if the show last night was any indication, this tour should be one of boundless bonding and growth for us as a band (as is to be expected, I suppose). I can’t wait to start soundchecking new ideas and playing with our stage setup. By the time we get back to New York in December (shameless plug) we’ll be nearly unrecognizable to our friends that have seen us dozens of times.

We spent the early part of today exploring the record shops and electronics and franchised sandwich stores (see: Jimmy John’s) in the uniquely characteristic Wicker Park area of Chicago. The city is full of vivid graffiti, loud elevated trains, and neat little parks, all of which are dwarfed by the imposing Willis Tower visible in the distance at nearly all times. I could’ve spent weeks exploring more but, alas, we had to depart for our next destination in order to get there early enough to not inconvenience our hosts this evening in the City of Lakes. As such, I’m writing now from our fifteen-passenger van — which now holds only five people, all of our instruments in the very back, all of our suitcases in the middle, and all of our food and chatchkies in the front-middle — going northwest through Wisconsin (we’re currently in Sheboygan) on I-90W. At about 8 tonight we should arrive in Minneapolis, Minnesota for our show at the Triple Rock Social Club tomorrow.


~ by Jacob Hyman on November 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “We Made Some Ill-Noise In…”

  1. Great idea to keep us all posted…keep spoutin on Whales!!

  2. Thanks for the great detail…I’m living vicariously through your on-tour experiences while sitting behind a desk at work. But one thing that’s missing….Where are the pictures?! And more importantly, what did you order at Jimmy Johns? The “Vito” sandwich is delicious.

  3. You guys put on an amazing show in Chicago last night and have an electric stage presence! I had not heard of you before and am so glad I caught you. Hope to see you again soon! Peace.

  4. Hey guys! I miss you already. I know we haven’t known each other long but I’m pretty sure having had dinner together meets all the qualifications to be considered family haha. Andrew told me last night went great. I’m Looking forward to reading more tour journals.Be safe out there on the road. See ya in dec.

  5. I clicked on Jimmy John’s link to see just how good these sandwiches could be. As the page opened Garbage- I’m only happen when it rains came on. I was like, whoa, this place is interesting; they have Garbage as their website theme song. I then realized my iTunes was playing Garbage. So disappointing.

    Miss you guys, keep on snugglin’ tight!

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