A Tour Picture Tour of Week One

I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures, but here are the ones I took in Chicago and Minneapolis. I temporarily misplaced my camera in our box of food supplies while we were in Denver, but never fear…I’ve since recovered it and am ready to take many photographs of the twentysomething more cities that we’ll be visiting over the next month. As I mentioned the other day, we had a blast exploring Chicago.









We left the home of Wes Soltis — gracious host and HEAVEmedia blogger extraordinaire — early on the 10th and got to Minneapolis late that night. We stayed with my cousin Ben, and let me tell you….after a day of driving, there is nothing more comfortable than a wood floor and a sleeping bag. Ok, fair — maybe a bed or a couch or even a cozy recliner. But a wood floor certainly more than does the job for an exhausted touring band.

Ben enlightened us to the wonders of Minneapolis, which predictably includes hundreds of lakes. We spent the afternoon frolicking by Lake Calhoun, beefing up our gear, eating at delicious diners, shopping at dollar stores, and exploring the surrounding area. We played that night at Triple Rock Social Club (of NoFX fame), which is managed by a man of superlative morals and overall character named Chris Olson. If you’re ever in Mpls or the Twin Cities area, stop by Triple Rock, try their Minneapolis Po’ Boy, and say hi to Chris. He’s one of the nicest dudes with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working.









We had a show last night at the new and mysterious Moe’s BBQ just outside Denver proper in Engelwood, CO. They do indeed have delicious BBQ and quite a few lanes on which to play ten-pin bowling. I was particularly excited because of the obvious Simpsons association, but I found no homely self-loathing bartenders. Only mounds of ribs and cans of beer and the aforementioned bowling. Satisfactory all around. The band spent the night with Judah’s longtime friend Tim, while I retired to my parents’ hotel room (they drove up to Denver from Santa Fe…thanks for that, guys!).

We left early this morning in a flurry of black coffee and a dozen bagels and two tubs of cream cheese (you can take the band out of New York…) to make it to The Great Salt Lake City in time for our show tonight at The State Room. It has been quite the stunning drive — up through an icy pass in the Rockies and across the beautiful rolling and snowy plains of Wyoming, and finally down into the valleys of Eastern Utah. I’ve not been here for ten years, and we’ve heard it’s a wonderful city to spend some time in, so we’re looking forward to exploring tomorrow and taking more pictures before heading to Boise for our show at the Knitting Factory on Monday.


~ by Jacob Hyman on November 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Tour Picture Tour of Week One”

  1. didn’t know you guys had tour dates in a gravity-less city. congrats on that.

  2. love virtually

  3. love the photo journalism. can’t wait for baltimore/philly/arlington/ny!!!

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